Nikon D2H NEF

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showImageTags: Identify file NikonD2H.NEF:
NikonD2H.NEF Size{3308737) is TIFF format, bigEndian, version(42)
Parse TIFF Head: [bigEndian], base(0). position(8), entries(24), level(0)
tiff ISO Alternate Image IFD found
tiff ISO ImageWidth: (160)
tiff ISO ImageHeight: (120)
tiff ISO Bits Per Sample: (3) 8, 8, 8
tiff ISO Compression: (1): NONE
tiff ISO PhotoMetric Interpretation: (2) RGB
tiff ISO Camera Model: NIKON D2H
tiff ISO Strip Offsets: (1) 113760
tiff ISO Orientation: (1) landscape
tiff ISO Samples Per Pixel: (3) RGB or YCbCr
tiff ISO Rows Per Strip: (120)
tiff ISO Strip Byte Counts: (1) 57600
tiff ISO PlanerConfig (1): Chunky format
tiff ISO Date Time: 2004:04:02 16:57:03
Parse TIFF Head: [bigEndian], base(0). position(171360), entries(17), level(1)
tiff ISO Primary Image IFD found (raw image?)
tiff ISO ImageWidth: (2496)
tiff ISO ImageHeight: (1648)
tiff ISO Bits Per Sample: (1) 12
tiff ISO Compression: (34713): Vendor Unique
tiff ISO PhotoMetric Interpretation: (32803) CFA_Sensor
tiff ISO Strip Offsets: (1) 171588
tiff ISO Samples Per Pixel: (1) Grayscale or CFA
tiff ISO Rows Per Strip: (1648)
tiff ISO Strip Byte Counts: (1) 3137149
tiff ISO PlanerConfig (1): Chunky format
tiff ISO CFA Repeat Pattern Dimensions: Rows(2), Cols(2)
tiff ISO CFA Pattern: G,B,R,G
tiff ISO Sensing Method: (2) One-chip color area sensor
tiff ISO Reference Black:White: (0:255), (0:255), (0:255)
tiff EXIF IFD Pointer Lth(1) position(460)
Parse EXIF Head: [bigEndian], base(0). position(460), entries(32)
exif Exposure Program: (3) Aperture priority
exif Date Time Original: 2004:04:02 16:57:03
exif LightSource: (0) Unknown
exif FlashInfo: (ox00) Flash did not fire
exif MakerNotes: Data Lth(112752) position(1008)
mknt MakerNotes Head: Tags(39), bigEndian, Vendor: Nikon
mknt MakerNotes Version: 0200
mknt ISO Settings: 0 200 
mknt Quality Setting: RAW    
mknt White Balance Setting: AUTO        
mknt Sharpening Setting: NONE  
mknt Focus Mode Setting: AF-C  
mknt White Balance Mired: NORMAL      
mknt Tone Compensation: NORMAL  
mknt Lens Type: 0x02
mknt Lens Specs: (300.000, 300.000, 2.800, 2.800)
mknt Flash Used: 0x00
mknt DCRAW[140] Nikon Curve: @ 1612 + 2112
mknt Color Mode: MODE2   
mknt Lighting Type: NATURAL    
mknt Hue Adjustment: (0)
mknt Noise Reduction: OFF 
mknt DCRAW[150] Nikon Curve: @ 6312 + 2
mknt DCRAW Tag151: ver97(102) [0x66] "0102", WB-Adjustments?
mknt DCRAW[151] RED(34304.000), BLUE:(18574.000)
mknt Shutter Operations: (3547)
exif User Comments: Lth(44) ASCII
EXIF --- Unknown Tag: 40964
exif Sensing Method: (2) One-chip color area sensor
exif Scene Type: (0x12f7a0) Directly photographed image
exif Custom Rendered: (0) Normal
exif Exposure Mode: (0) Auto
exif White Balance: (0) Auto
exif Scene Capture Type: (0) Standard
exif Contrast: (0) Normal
exif Saturation: (0) Normal
exif Subject Distance Range: (0) Unknown
tiff ISO EP-StdID:
NikonD2H.NEF is a NIKON CORPORATION: NIKON D2H image created on 2004:04:02 16:57:03
Format[TIFF/EP], ByteOrder[bigEndian], Pixels/Sensors(1648x2496), BitDepth(12)
TiffTags(41), TiffIfdCount(2), ExifTags(32), MakerNoteTags(39), IptcTags(0), XmpTags(0), CiffTags(0)
Unknown Tags: TIFF(0), EXIF(1)

This is valid ISO TIFF/EP again.   This time, the IFD tags were not repeated.   The compression technique is identified as vendor private.

There are two Nikon curve and one WB adjustment Makernote tags that would be found by DCRAW.   The WB values are real suspect.

The EXIF Light Source is included, but the value is useless.  

There is one unknown EXIF tag.

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