Leaf Valeo MOS

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showImageTags: Identify file LeafValeo.mos:
LeafValeo.mos Size{12521278) is TIFF format, bigEndian, version(42)
Parse TIFF Head: [bigEndian], base(0). position(8), entries(18), level(0)
tiff ISO Primary Image IFD found (raw image?)
tiff ISO ImageWidth: (2004)
tiff ISO ImageHeight: (3110)
tiff ISO Bits Per Sample: (1) 16
tiff ISO Compression: (1): NONE
tiff ISO PhotoMetric Interpretation: (1) BlackIsZero
tiff ISO Samples Per Pixel: (1) Grayscale or CFA
tiff ISO PlanerConfig (2): Planar format
tiff ISO IPTC Data Lth(7), position(230)
iptc 2:000 RecordVersion: Type[short], Lth(2), Value (2)
TIFF --- Unknown Tag: 34310, type(2), len(56128)
LeafValeo.mos is a unknown: unknown
Format[TIFF 6.0], ByteOrder[bigEndian], Pixels/Sensors(3110x2004), BitDepth(16)
TiffTags(18), TiffIfdCount(1), ExifTags(0), MakerNoteTags(0), IptcTags(1), XmpTags(0), CiffTags(0)
Unknown Tags: TIFF(1), EXIF(0)

The camera make and model are missing.

The single IPTC tag only descirbes the version.

There is one unknown TIFF tag.   And there are very few of the tags needed for raw image processing.

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