Fuji S3 RAF

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showImageTags: Identify file FujiS3.RAF:
FujiS3.RAF Size{25653296) is TIFF format, littleEndian, version(42)
TIFF header offset(160)
Parse TIFF Head: [littleEndian], base(160). position(168), entries(15), level(0)
tiff ISO Camera Make: FUJIFILM
tiff ISO Camera Model: FinePix S3Pro  
tiff ISO Orientation: (1) landscape
tiff ISO Date Time: 2004:01:10 04:00:53
tiff T60 White Point: 0.313, 0.329
tiff T60 Primary Chromaticities: 0.640, 0.330, 0.210, 0.710, 0.150, 0.060
tiff ISO YCbCr Coefficients: 0.299, 0.587, 0.114
tiff ISO YCbCr Positioning: (2) cosited
tiff ISO Copyright:                                                                                                   
tiff EXIF IFD Pointer Lth(1) position(1056)
Parse EXIF Head: [littleEndian], base(160). position(1056), entries(41)
exif Exposure Program: (1) Manual
exif Version: 0221
exif Date Time Original: 2004:01:10 04:00:53
exif LightSource: (0) Unknown
exif FlashInfo: (ox00) Flash did not fire
exif MakerNotes: Data Lth(354) position(1946)
mknt MakerNotes Head: Tags(24), littleEndian, Vendor: Fuji
mknt Fuji DynamicRange: (3) Wide
mknt Fuji FilmMode: (0) STD
mknt Fuji DynamicRangeSetting: (0) Auto
mknt Fuji MinZoomFocalLength: (0.286)
mknt Fuji MaxZoomFocalLength: (0.179)
mknt Fuji MaxAperture@MinFocalLength: (0.002)
mknt Fuji MaxAperture@MaxFocalLength: (0.000)
exif User Comments: Lth(256) ASCII
exif Color Space: (65535) Uncalibrated
exif Sensing Method: (2) One-chip color area sensor
exif Scene Type: (0x12f7a0) Directly photographed image
exif Custom Rendered: (0) Normal
exif Exposure Mode: (1) Manual
exif White Balance: (0) Auto
exif Scene Capture Type: (0) Standard
exif Contrast: (0) Normal
exif Saturation: (0) Normal
exif Subject Distance Range: (0) Unknown
EXIF --- Unknown Tag: 42240
TIFF --- Unknown Tag: 50341, type(7), len(106)
Parse TIFF Head: [littleEndian], base(160). position(2436), entries(8), level(0)
tiff ISO Compression: (6): OJPEG
tiff ISO Orientation: (1) landscape
tiff ISO YCbCr Positioning: (2) cosited
FujiS3.RAF is a FUJIFILM: FinePix S3Pro   image created on 2004:01:10 04:00:53
Format[TIFF 6.0], ByteOrder[littleEndian]
TiffTags(23), TiffIfdCount(2), ExifTags(41), MakerNoteTags(24), IptcTags(0), XmpTags(0), CiffTags(0)
Unknown Tags: TIFF(1), EXIF(1)

The primary image is unidentified.   There appears to be a second image, but it is located via a second data offset rather than an IFD tag.

The White Point and Primary Chromaticities are of interest.   These are in the TIFF 6.0 spec but not in the ISO spec.   The ISO equivalents are in the LightSource and InterColorProfile tags.   In any case these White Point values here correlate exactly to a D65 white point reference, and seem suspicious when the White Balance setting was Auto.

The Fuji Makernotes using the rational datatype seem to be wrong.   The numerator and divisor are reversed.   They are correctly encoded in the base TIFF tags.

There are one TIFF and one EXIF invalid tag.   There are a few more tags related to raw image processing.

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