Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II CR2

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showImageTags: Identify file Canon1DSII.CR2:
Canon1DSII.CR2 Size{13685784) is TIFF format, littleEndian, version(42)
Parse TIFF Head: [littleEndian], base(0). position(16), entries(14), level(0)
tiff ISO ImageWidth: (1536)
tiff ISO ImageHeight: (1024)
tiff ISO Bits Per Sample: (3) 8, 8, 8
tiff ISO Compression: (6): OJPEG
tiff ISO Camera Make: Canon
tiff ISO Camera Model: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
tiff ISO Strip Offsets: (1) 10084
tiff ISO Orientation: (1) landscape
tiff ISO Strip Byte Counts: (1) 381739
tiff ISO Date Time: 2005:06:14 12:55:29
tiff EXIF IFD Pointer Lth(1) position(270)
Parse EXIF Head: [littleEndian], base(0). position(270), entries(28)
exif Exposure Program: (1) Manual
exif Version: 0221
exif Date Time Original: 2005:06:14 12:55:29
exif FlashInfo: (ox10) Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
exif MakerNotes: Data Lth(9074) position(700)
mknt MakerNotes Head: Tags(28), littleEndian, Vendor: Canon
mknt Image Type: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
mknt Firmware Version: Firmware Version 1.1.2
mknt Serial Number: 318482 
exif User Comments: Lth(264) 
exif Color Space: (1) RGB
exif Custom Rendered: (0) Normal
exif Exposure Mode: (1) Manual
exif White Balance: (1) Manual
exif Scene Capture Type: (0) Standard
Parse TIFF Head: [littleEndian], base(0). position(391823), entries(2), level(0)
Parse TIFF Head: [littleEndian], base(0). position(399102), entries(11), level(0)
tiff ISO ImageWidth: (384)
tiff ISO ImageHeight: (256)
tiff ISO Bits Per Sample: (3) 8, 8, 8
tiff ISO Compression: (6): OJPEG
tiff ISO PhotoMetric Interpretation: (2) RGB
tiff ISO Strip Offsets: (1) 399246
tiff ISO Samples Per Pixel: (3) RGB or YCbCr
tiff ISO Rows Per Strip: (256)
tiff ISO Strip Byte Counts: (1) 294912
tiff ISO PlanerConfig (1): Chunky format
TIFF --- Unknown Tag: 50649, type(4), len(1)
Parse TIFF Head: [littleEndian], base(0). position(694158), entries(6), level(0)
tiff ISO Compression: (6): OJPEG
tiff ISO Strip Offsets: (1) 694242
tiff ISO Strip Byte Counts: (1) 12991542
TIFF --- Unknown Tag: 50648, type(4), len(1)
TIFF --- Unknown Tag: 50656, type(4), len(1)
TIFF --- Unknown Tag: 50752, type(3), len(3)
Canon1DSII.CR2 is a Canon: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II image created on 2005:06:14 12:55:29
Format[TIFF 6.0], ByteOrder[littleEndian], BitDepth(8)
TiffTags(33), TiffIfdCount(4), ExifTags(28), MakerNoteTags(28), IptcTags(0), XmpTags(0), CiffTags(0)
Unknown Tags: TIFF(4), EXIF(0)

Canon is now using the CS2 extension.   There are four TIFF segments, but no indication of which is the primary image.   The bit depth is suspect.   This IPTC data is gone.

There are four unknown TIFF tag IDs.

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July 15, 2005

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