DOF Calculator

This is a simple HTML JavaScript form that calculates Depth of Field metrics.   Enter your camera data such as the image format, lens, aperture, and subject or object distance and the corresponding DoF will be calculated. More complete instructions are available in the DoF User's Guide.

Camera Data
Lens F/# Subject   Object   Image  
f/stop Scale   full 1/2 1/3 f/stop   RR P
Image Format Width Height MP Photosite
Circle of Confusion and Diffraction
CoC    Calculate CoC Airy Disk
Hyperfocal Distance
HD    +fl ND
Depth of Field
DoF Before DoF After Total DoF
Near Focus Limit Far Focus Limit  
Distance Scales
Miles   Meters   Yards   Feet   Inches   Centimeters   Millimeters
AoV:FoV:CoC   W   H   D      Orient:   P   L
Tool Tips

There is a similar calculator available from: dofMaster   This site has some additional and useful information about the formulas and concepts of DOF.   But the formulas used in their tools are grossly inaccurate at macro distances and even close up distances typical in table top photography.   The formulas used in this script are based on Wikipedia, Norman Koren, Andrej Wrotniak, and Paul vanWalree.   These all agree with each other.   There is also a good tutorial on diffraction limits and the effects of digital photo-site sizes at: Cambridge In Colour.   Textbook resources include Optics in Photography by Rudolf Kingslake (ISBN 0-8194-0763-1) and Applied Photographic Optics by Sidney F. Ray (ISBN 0-240-51540-4).

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November 1, 2008

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