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RISC Application Growth Solutions International, Inc. (RagsInc) is in the business of helping its clients implement successful TXSeries CICS on Open Systems application projects.   Rags Int., Inc. can offer you a unique wealth of experience with this family of products.   In addition to working with CICS/6000 and IBM AIX since early 1992, the principal and founder has extensive experience with application migration projects and over 30 years experience with IBM CICS.   Rags Int., Inc. offers consulting, education, training, and migration services for Transaction Series CICS, ie: CICS on Open Systems.  

The company is founded on the principles of honest work, value for your dollar and the effective use of CICS for business advantage and productivity.   It is anxious to help you implement applications on the platforms that maximize business advantages for your company.   Significant projects have included CICS on Open Systems applications with DB2 UDB, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and mainframe DB2.   Recent projects include eCommerce and Windows client applications connecting CICS for Windows NT, CICS for AIX, and CICS/S390.   Still other projects have included CICS ISC SNA connections to major credit bureau interfaces.  

Professional Profile:

Rags Gardner retired from IBM in 1993 after 31 years of service as a technical professional, instructor, developer, manager and consultant.   Rags founded Rags Int., Inc. at that time and is its principal consultant.   Rags has extensive experience in mainframe IBM operating systems and the CICS family of products.   He has developed applications with System/390 Assembler, COBOL, PL1, Java, Visual Basic, C, and C++.   He has authored CICS performance tools and provided critical situation support, VSE to MVS migrations, product introduction programs, course development, and application design reviews for CICS customers.  


CICS on Open Systems Education    Lecture DescriptionsLecture Descriptions

Rags Int., Inc. can provide you with classes and training tailored to your installation's specific needs.   Some of the topics include:

Installation Services:

Rags Int., Inc. can help your staff become productive with your specific pilot activities by assisting with the training, installation, configuration, and maintenance activities for: CICS for AIX, CICS for Windows NT, CICS for Sun Solaris, CICS for HP-UX, CICS for Digital UNIX, CICS Clients, and/or CICS Transaction Gateway.   This includes stand alone, ISC, RDMS, and client server configurations.  

Migration and Application Development:

Are you planning to move one or more large or complex applications to Unix or Windows NT CICS on Open Systems?   Rags Int., Inc. can help you with planning, analysis, and on-site or off-site migration services.  


Client Responsibilities:

Provide office space, telephone, office support, classrooms, and meeting rooms as required for on-site services.   Provide access to professional tools and project documentation required for the Statement of Work (SOW).   Provide on-site computer equipment and software products as necessary for the tasks assigned.   Fund all business travel expenses related to the SOW.  


Fees are negotiable based on specific project objectives, duration, terms, and conditions.   All charges due are to be paid in US dollars within thirty days of receipt of an invoice.  


Rags is willing to travel throughout the U.S. and to most international locations.   Contracts for over one month of on-site services shall include provisions for home leave of at least one week out of every six weeks.  

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